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Posted on: January 1st, 2013

labor of love

Award winning documentary filmmaker Kim Hopkins heard Lucy’s music by chance after Billy Bragg shared on social media Lucy’s first single ‘For The Dead Men’. She immediately contacted Lucy for permission to use the track in the new film she was working on however after meeting up and hitting it off Kim scrapped all the music she had set aside and asked Lucy to compose and record a new sound track!

The soundtrack is made up of brand new original songs, re-workings of classics and  instrumental pieces. It features the sensational Hungarian fiddler ‘Barna’ and was engineered by Nicky Freemantle.

Folie a Deux – Madness Made of Two, is a quintessentially English tale with a universal message. The story is prophetic, refreshingly humorous, and driven by Helen, a ‘love her, hate her, but you can’t ignore her’ character. Helen, a single mother of seven whom along with her new lover, risks bankruptcy and homelessness to fulfill a dream.

Shot over five years and set in the oldest house in England. This film is an intimate portrayal of a large, bohemian family with all the ups and downs of daily life, an intriguing insight into England’s history, and current obsessions. It’s a nail-biting journey through the economic crash and life’s biggest gamble.

This film showcases the human cost of the banking crisis and will be shown on BBC4 in September 2013.