Posted on: June 17th, 2013

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Hope you like it :)

Well 2nd blog of the day,

That’s a first for me! But I couldn’t resist :) Because in the last hour, not one, but two very exciting things have just happened!

1: Mike Harding put this up on facebook…woop!

Lucy Wards new CD is terrific and her song For The Dead Men is simply immense – I listened through twice – awestruck. I’ve put it in next Sunday’s Show

2: Properganda Online just shared some of those cheeky little track tasters that I was telling you about…here you go…have a listen :)

So there you are, your first little nuggets of noise from Single Flame, I really hope that you liked what you heard :)

You can buy the album HERE

You can get tickets to the swanky London launch bash here

One more thing before I go and have a cup of tea to calm down…I will be releasing exclusive content, track tasters, artwork and all sorts of exciting bits and bobs as the album draws near and all the bestest bits will be available only to those of you who are signed up the mailing list :) cheeky but true so if you would like to periodically receive ramblings from me (not a spam engine I assure you) then click here

Right then, a lady grey is in order!

Catch you later xx