The Single Flame Tour PART 1 – Joylah’s Top Tips

Posted on: November 19th, 2013

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Ey Up,

How’s it going? I hope autumn is treating you well with all it’s golden hues and soggy showers :)

Well here I am about to attempt to regail you with stories of the Single Flame tour in it’s (almost) entirety, with 24 dates down and just 2 cheeky extras to go, it has been a whirlwind of driving, singing and fun! 2 whole months of it!

On the back of releasing Single Flame and a packed festival season I was so ready to get on the road and start playing! I was lucky enough to be joined for many of the gigs by my fantastic fiddle player Ms Joy Gravestock (from the forthcoming Lucy Ward Band) + a cheeky double bill with the mighty O’Hooley and Tidow was had too!

So I am reckoning that the easiest way to do this is to draw on a blog favourite THE TOP TOUR FACTOIDS! :D but you aint just gonna hear it from me, Joy has also scribbled down a TOP TEN TOUR TIPS so you get to hear what is really like touring with a blue haired folkie such as myself and how to survive it!! :p

1: I toured Holland and Belgium! But that was such a massive experience that it’s gonna have a whole blog to itself!  so keep your eyes peeled :)

2: miles traveled = i lost count at 3000

3: Number of sold out gigs = 7…my i am jammy!

4: Number of impromptue Britany Speares covers = 1

5: Number of impromptue collaborations = 5 (Landermason, David Gibb and Elly Lucas, EdwardAlice, Elisa P, Linde Nijland and Bert Ridderbos)

And hear is what Joy had to say


At the end of my weeks touring with Lucy, here are my tips for anyone else who might be thinking of embarking on a similar journey…

Collaborations:  always ensure you share gigs with some of the best musicians around and can end the set with joyous collaborations! The spontaneity of working in the moment with Landermason, David Gibb & Elly Lucas, Eliza P, O’Hooley & Tidow to name but a few – creating encores that were responsive, shared and creative ends to gigs….this was simply amazing

Grapes:  these are things not to be eaten in the middle of a set…when you head off, stage left, into the dressing room, safe in the knowledge that the next song is a Lucy solo…only to realise, nope, you are needed on stage NOW! Except you just put four of the most irresistible green grapes into your mouth…Not a good stage look…especially when Lucy says (into her microphone), “Have you been eating?!”


Me - recreating Joy's shocked grape face!

Me – recreating Joy’s shocked grape face!

Make up in cars:  You know you are a bonded little team when you begin to share each others make up bags and so when motorway delays occur that’s just an excuse to try something else from Lucy’s bag! (I am not sure Rob would have seen this as a “top touring tip” when my glitter dust body power exploded – I think his car will be twinkling for a long time to come!)

Long journeys with Lucy:  There are many ways to make three hours in a car seem like five minutes….the car picnic helps a lot, but then fill the remaining time with scintillating conversation…We have spent hours on the road and have not been bored or wondered what to say to each other once! I’m currently working on my “agenda items” for the next car journey…

There is no age discrimination in “Team Lucy”  …however, people of a certain age who have just admitted there is a need to wear reading glasses SHOULD wear them on stage; however much the coolness factor is compromised! Otherwise you do not have a clue what the set list says, and you’re likely to walk off inappropriately (see above grape scenario).

Touring with twenty year olds when you are forty something is a life enhancing experience  ….I think! (see above, reading glasses!). You end up tired but happy… driving home alone at 3 a.m is the best space in the world and what better excuse to be out on the road at that time of night with just the moon and my ‘Single Flame’ CD for company!

Inventing alternate lyrics to Lucy’s songs and then singing them in sound checks really is unnerving! Don’t do this to an artist just before they are due to perform or you never know what they might come out with!

Be able to improvise any song, at any moment, in any given key! The complexities of “For The Dead Men” are hard enough in D but really, in E flat…??!! The artist has permission to do whatever she needs to at any time…I am grateful for my music therapy training!

(Lucy: I said I was sorry Joy, you cheeky!!!!)

Free wardrobe design included! Lucy is not only a talented performer….she is a great wardrobe mistress too! Little did I know that committing to a tour would also mean I got to treat myself to an entire new wardrobe! A lovely trip to the Bullring in Birmingham is essential prior to any future tour…

Lots of love music, friendship, and respect are the by-products of working with Lucy! Im just about recovered and ready to start it all again in 2014!

So that is it, thanks so much for taking the time to read this bloggeroo! Part 2, all about my adventures on the continent, is brewing so keep your eyes peeled.

Take care y’all!

Luce xx