The LWB Cometh

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014

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Ey Up :)

Well I am utterly cream crackered!  I have just got in from rehearsing with the Lucy Ward Band and oh my, what an awesome, crazy exhilarating, absolutely draining, sensitive, emotional and hilarious day we have had. I am utterly itching to get gigging with these guys (after a loooonnng sleep hehe)!

We had some exciting news yesterday, our gig at Leicester Guildhall is officially SOLD OUT. Thanks so much to all of you who have nailed your colours to the mast and have already bought your tour tickets, you have already broken my record for best pre-sales ever :D and thus you’ve made me feel well chuffed! And so for those of you who are thinking of joining us in Leeds, London, Aylesbury, Welwyn Garden City, Cambridge, Stowmarket, Lichfield, Trelawnyd (nr Rhyl), Shrewsbury or Matlock we hope that you will decide to leap on the good ship LWB and sail all the way to folky goodness :)

Anyways, I know you are probably fed up with me rambling on on this here blog so in a change from regular programming I asked the band to each write a few lines about anything…their feelings about the upcoming band tour, their favourite songs to do on karaoke, what animal they would be (unfortunately, they are all such consummate professionals that they kept it sensible and LWB related)…over to the #LWB

Sam Pegg aka Spam Egg

‘Where do I start?! We’re making some really interesting and beautiful music, and what’s more is I get to do this with amazing people. As a unit I think we really understand each other and it really shows in our arrangements of Lucy’s songs. I’m also very much looking forward to seeing all of these towns and venues, many of which I’ve never been to. Don’t forget the grub – we don’t half get treated well! So in a nutshell – great music, company and food!’

Steve MacLachlan aka Edward Shakerhands

I’m really enjoying the soul and passion of Lucy’s music. The power of playing live with everyone is immense and has great depth. Everyone in the band is great fun and every time we meet up and play the atmosphere is excitable and very creative; I’m looking forward to taking the show on the road’

Heidi Tidow aka Lord T

‘It is an absolute delight being part of The Lucy Ward Band! I love the energy we all create together on stage. It’s fun, yet also Lucy’s songs have a beautiful sensitivity to them, they are lovely to sing. Great harmonies, great music, great people – long may it last!’

Belinda O’Hooley aka Queen B

Playing in Lucy’s band is a totally unique band experience for me. Lucy is so free that she encourages the same freedom in all of us and I’m really enjoying the energy that comes from that. Also, seeing Heidi pick up her guitar for the first time in years has made me very happy indeed, and it’s because of Lucy, so thanks Luce! xx’

Joy Gravestock aka Joylah

‘Friendship – Fun – Food! This is the best experience of collaboration…to work with such skilled, sensitive musicians; to have such generosity and sharing. There are genuinely no ego’s on show and no diva’s! The total is greater than the sum of its parts; the more we play and listen to each other, the more the music develops and grows. I can’t wait to hear what we sound like by the end of April!’

That’s all folks, I’m off to lie down in a darkened room :D ninight

Luce xx