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Posted on: November 28th, 2011

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Look at all the stodgy goodness :)

Ey up :)

After putting up a status on facebook which said ‘blogging makes me hungry’, my good friends from that online world suggested I should ditch my current blog subject and just write one about food. So here it is :p (you must be careful what you wish for guys! hehe)




Now we have established that, I can now continue :)

Top 3 cakes:
1 – Lemon Drizzle
2- Battenburg
3- Apple Cake with fresh cream

Top 3 Hot Puddings:
1- ‘No Bones Jones’ Bread and butter pudding with sticky toffee
2- Syrup sponge pudding
3- Apple pie

Top 3 cold puddings:
1- Trifle
2- Cheesecake
3- Really spectaclar ice cream

Top 3 Pie Fillings
1- Macroni Cheese
2- Homity
3 – can’t think of a third but only beacuse all food is improved by incasing it in pastry!

NB: All food is also improved by putting it inbetween two slices of bread :)

Top 3 Cheeses:
1- Boursin
2 – Brie
3- Wensleydale with white choclate and cranberry YUM!!!!!

Top 3 ways to eat tatties:
1- Roast
2- Mashed with loads of real butter
3 – Chippy Chips

Top 3 ways to eat eggs
1- Poached
2- Scrambled
3 – Boiled with loads of mayo on top

Top 3 standard sandwich fillings:
1- Cheese and Onion
2- Egg Mayo
3 – Jam

Best things I have eaten today?
Omlette made by my mum…TASTY!

Best thing I have eaten in the last week:
These creamy leek parcel things, can’t tell you how epically tasty they were! You put egg in as well so it’s all creamy and rich and pastry covered and just YUMMY!!!!!!!

Right, blogging made me hungry in the first place, blogging about food…I’m famished! :)

peace out guys

Please feel free to share your food thoughts back :)

Luce xx


PS: Writing this post was totally random, however is does link in to a very exciting project involving lots of other folkies sharing their love for food!!/foodandfolk