Single Flame is officially on fire!

Posted on: August 21st, 2013

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Ey Up,

Hope you are doing good :) well, what can I say, Single Flame has well and truly set on fire. It has finally been released! (you can buy it here if you haven’t already ;) hehe)

I am feeling a sense of relief that it has finally hit the shelves, excitement about what the next few months may bring, and tiredness given that I was up til rather late last night after my secret album launch party in Derby!

The reviews keep rolling in, and so far (touch wood) they have all been extremely complimentary! Which is super lovely, it’s always nice to get some positive validation eh? :)

Single Flame Reviews

But what has been the nicest of all, is you lot getting in touch, sharing with me blow by blow accounts of your #SingleFlame –  from the album landing on your door mat to being played and played and in some cases, being eaten by your 18 month old daughter! :D Thanks to the power of Facebook and twitter I have been able to take a little voyeuristic glimpse into your lives and enjoy you, enjoying the album. Which sounds well soppy and even slightly creepy, i know :s but I guess what I mean is, musicians rarely get the chance to see and share that part things, and I am really loving it :)

So I went and played in my local HMV which was rather exciting!! It was an in store signing type thing but with an impromptu few songs thrown in for good measure. It was great to have something grass roots and in my home town on release day, and the rather fab turn out certainly made it worth while :) Something else that made it worth while had to be that the kindhearted folks at HMV Derby had made me my favourite…lemon drizzle cake!!!!!!!! and bought me fancy tea cos they know I am a tea-maniac! So after playing, signing and drinking muchos lady grey we ended up sharing the bountiful amounts of delicious cake with everyone who had turned up to watch. AWESOME!

And I’ll tell you summink else, singing ‘For The Dead Men’ in the middle of Derby city center…was pretty darn moving!! Thanks to a fantastic audience who dares to sing along at 5.30pm…on a monday…in a shop!

Smashing turn out :) and you can just spot the fantastic Joy Gravestock on fiddle!

Smashing turn out :) and you can just spot the fantastic Joy Gravestock on fiddle!

S0 last night was my secret Derby launch, and boy was that manic! Held at the eternally cool Bean Caffe, that in a matter of just a few hours was turned from fancy eating spot to a kick-ass concert venue by my family and the fab guys from JR Live Events on sound and lights. Man it was hectic! We didn’t stop until literally 5 minutes before doors and usually I do like to take at least 10 minutes to chill a bit :p but with so many great family, friends and folkies there it was such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate :D

Photo by Elly Lucas

                                                                                                                 Photo by Elly Lucas


Photo by Elly Lucas

Photo by Elly Lucas


What else is new?? hmmmm…ooo I know

Here’s another video from my LDN launch, featuring the mighty Stu Hanna from Megson (producer extraordinaire). This is ‘Lord I Don’t Want To Die In The Storm’ (upbeat title aint it! – If it won’t load click HERE to view)



So that’s it for now dudes, more excitingness to come over the week…so keep your eyes peeled!!!

Luce xx