Secret Collaboration Annoucement

Posted on: August 21st, 2015

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Ey Up you lot!!

I hope that you are well this merry august day. I have had the most weird, wonderful and packed week jumping from the ongoing and exciting job of launching my new album (which is available for pre-order on CD HERE and on LP HERE) and into just about every other project I am part off. Monday was spent in the studio with Rethink You Mind recording a rumba-esque joyful number about finding solace in home. Wednesday was spent seeding a new project with a fabulous story teller and an artist, who knows what we will create but I am excited by how many ideas we had flying around. Friday has been helping write a Derbyshire anthem for radio Derby along with local composer Tracey Wilkinson. And on Saturday I’m off to Folk East To Play with Liberty To Choose. So you see my week has been chocka block with all kinds of different creative stuff outside my usual shizzle . Why am I telling you this I hear you ponder? Because the time has come for me to share with you news about a secret project that fist started way back in October of last year.

Do you remember this picture from my Instagram feed?



and the super secret band that I was collaborating with was The FLK! I was super excited to take 0n this project, it was an opportunity to delve into a completely different genre while all the time keeping my feet firmly rooted in the traditional music that I love. If you aren’t familiar with The FLK’s work that is what they like to do, take contemporary, progressive dance music vibes and marry them with folk music. They have worked a lot with samples, you may well have heard their remix of Emily Portman’s ‘Stick Stock’ which is great! And I would have been honoured if they had sampled my music too but I was lucky enough to be able to work with them in person and in collaboration, and I have contributed to 3 tracks to their brand new album which will be released on September 1st.

Now then, The FLK are pretty radical folks and they love the idea of surprises so I can’t even share with the album title or the titles of my tracks yet but I reckon it would be ok to tell you that the inspirations behind my contributions have come from a little bird, a lass’s lament and a poem about having the plague. What we have created is pretty different from any music I have made before but I proud of what we have created and I really hope that you guys will dig it too :D

Keep your eyes peeled on The FLK’s website/fb page on release day to get your hands on one of the extremely ltd edition vinyl  or CD’s (the white label vinyl sold out almost instantly)

So that’s it folks, it would be great to see you along the road sometime soon, this weekend I’m at Folk East and on Sunday I’m doing a super intimate gig in Whitby at LaRosa Hotel. If I don’t catch you at either of those places I hope to see you on my autumn tour (gig deets here)