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Reviews of Lucy’s live performances
Reviews of Lucy’s albums
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Lucy Ward – Biography

Lucy Ward – Short Biog


Reviews of Lucy’s live performances

“She was born with stage presence and played an amazing set. Her voice is like an angel’s and she’s hilarious too”

“The force of her engaging personality, her forthright performances a broad array of material and the apparently bottomless levels of courage and cheerfulness help her win over audiences.”
Colin Irwin Froots Magazine

“She’s both a breath of fresh air and a veritable whirlwind all at the same time”
Northern Sky

“Lucy is a lovely young talent with a breath-taking presence on stage. Her totally unpretentious outlook and her warmth melts the hearts of audiences wherever she performs. Her disarming personality, strong, pitch perfect delivery and the maturity of her songs can reduce an audience to tears, but a Lucy Ward set will always send you away feeling uplifted. Lucy has that extra something that will see her reach the top echelon in the folk world.”
Shrewsbury Folk Festival

“Just got back from a Lucy Ward gig – TOTALLY AMAZING – If you haven’t seen her then my advice is to do so! One of the best gigs I’ve been to in a long time.”
Damien Barber


Reviews of Lucy’s albums

Single Flame

Four Stars “Impressive and original”
Robin Denselow (The Guardian)

Four Stars “Striking”
Daily Mirror

“Mature and unflinching”
Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

“Simply immense”
Mike Harding

“One of the albums of the year”
Spiral Earth

“Extraordinarily powerful”

“Emotive and utterly compelling”
Folk Radio UK


Adelphi Has To Fly

” totally totally brilliant – some trad some stuff of her own raw and powerful and sparse but meaningful arrangements… made my day. One of the best things I’ve heard in years” Mike Harding, (The Mike Harding Folk Show)

“Brit folk’s most vibrant and forthright new young talent”
Mojo Magazine

Four Stars “This contemporary folk album is outstanding“…a wonderful record. The stories had me mesmerised”
Maverick Magazine

Four Stars…“Bricks and Love…the most poignant new song I’ve heard this year”.
Robin Denselow (The Guardian)


Hi-Res Photographs (all photography by Elly Lucas)
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