Honey and The Final Countdown

Posted on: August 14th, 2013

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Ey Up

Well with less than a week to go to the release of Single Flame I sit here in front of my computer with a world of announcements and excitement at my finger tips. The reviews so far have been astoundingly lush and I’m finally feeling a sense of calm in among the giddy excitement and overwhelming nerves.

This is definitely a good thing, it’s tiring being wired all the time!

So as the final count down begins, here is a little bit of what has been, what is and what is about to happen for your listening and viewing pleasure so that you can share in all things Single Flame!

First up, I had the London press launch of Single Flame last week. It was held at St Pancras Old Church, which is chuffing beautiful, I had never been before and the pictures don’t do it justice, what a space! There will be proper official pics to come over the coming weeks so I won’t say too much; but it was a completely awesome evening, it was completely SOLD OUT – thanks guys! And it was also ace to be accompanied by a full band :D I felt like a rock star. Here is a live vid of one of the quieter numbers, a new song off the record, I give you ‘Honey’…


So here is what else you need to keep an eye out for in the coming week

  • I am doing a signing at my local HMV in Derby, I won’t just be singing though I will also be performing a couple of tracks from the new album so come on down it’s completely FREE!!!! More info HERE
  • I am shooting  a music video for ‘Marching Through The Green Grass’ on Friday so keep your eyes peeled for some Glam-Folk!
  • I will be announcing how you can get your hands on tickets for MY SECRET LAUNCH PARTY!
  • I want you to be in my ‘Velvet Sky’ music video, I’ll tell you how you can get involved very soon!! But it’s open to everyone as you wont even need to leave your homes! :D

You have a good day and I’ll catch you very very soon!

Luce xx