BBC Folk Awards 2014 – The Low Down

Posted on: March 4th, 2014

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Ey Up y’all!!

Hope life is treating you well :) I am grand taa, I hot the ground running after the extra awesome specialness that was the #R2folkawards so sorry it has taken me so long be able to upload this here behind the scenes blog for ya!

Now I know I didn’t bring home the goodies this time but as an experience goes, you can’t really beat the Oscary feeling of being nominated for the top award, at your top industry award show, televised live from The Royal Albert Hall…I am, a jammy devil! Or at least that is how I felt.

So last time around (2 years ago) when I was lucky enough to win the Horizon Award for best newcomer at the FA’s, when I got home I blogged a blow by blow account of the experience because there is only so much info you can fit into a tweet! So here I go again, as always I’ll endeavour not to ramble, though I fear it may be too late ;s

Wednesday am:

I woke up early, partly with excitement, partly cos I’d barely slept and partly because we haven’t got round to putting black out curtains up in our room yet…7am is early for a musician I assure you, we are on a totally different body clock! Knowing that I had narrowed my outfit options down to just 1, I was in a very unusual position of organisation, all I had to do was pack up my things (including 9 pairs of shoes…you can never decide the shoes til the last minute!) and not forget owt! I scoffed me some golden syrup porridge and packed up a bag full of fruit for the journey (I was wearing a cat suit for the award ceremony, a bag full of the usual cheese, biscuits and other goodies just wouldn’t have cut it this time)

My folks picked me up with one of my brothers in tow at just gone 11 and off we went.

All Wardy journeys require music, loud and fabulous music! My dad had found the mix CD me and he used to listen too when he gave me a lift to school so we kicked off with that…

‘EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE EXCEPT ME AND MY MONKEY’ the loud singing, excited nattering and air drumming went from there :)

Wednesday Avo:

So we arrived in Londonium, we had hired a swanky apartment in Kensington as lots of my family were coming down and it made sense to have a space to congregate :) Though it wasn’t that simple as it took us 20 mins to work out how to pay for parking as none of us had nearly 40 quid in pound coins for the 24 hours we wanted to park #whowould , anyways once we had successfully navigated the obnoxiously prolonged pay-by-phone option we were free to check in and get settled.

As a family we headed down to the nearest super market to get a picnic style dinner, twas a Waitrose, which is so posh we don’t have them in Derby so it seemed quite a treat…I mean sweet potato and goats cheese artisan bread WHAT?!?! Anyways, whilst shopping I had a phone call from BBC Radio Derby, I was expecting them to ring later that hour so I apprehensively answered

‘Hey Lucy, can we do the interview now?’

‘Well, yeah, if you want, but I am in the middle of Waitrose’

‘We’ve never done an interview whilst someone is doing their shopping’

‘Well if ya can hear me properly let’s do it!’

So I nattered whilst pacing the frozen goods aisle.

Back at the apartment we scoffed, we chilled, I paced…I always pace when I’m thinking I’m sure lots of artists like to go sightseeing or do work in these situations to take their mind of nerves and excitement, but me, I like to think, pace around and ‘zone in’; it always drives my family to distraction! In fact my dad and bro went off adventuring in London whilst Rob and my mum stayed to help me prepare

The preparations:

I have never owned a jumpsuit…although I love the fact that they are outdoor appropriate onesies and therefore when I found it in the Topshop sale I knew it had to be! After selecting Bowie-esque footwear courtesy of Irregular Choice


Hehe funny picture but ya get to see the shoes :)

Hehe funny picture but ya get to see the shoes :)

and spending an hour bodging up my make-up I was ready…not forgetting this bad boy:




My custom necklace honouring Cecil Sharps induction into the R2 Hall Of Fame!! Oh Yeah Baby!

If you are wondering where on earth you get a thing like this made, with your word of choice in font and colour of your choosing then get thee to Dotty Flamingo.

Dotty doesn’t sponsor me, I didn’t get the necklace free in case I ended up on the telly, but I had such a great experience working with her, and she created such an ace product for me I wanted to give her a big shout out! So get thee to her eBay page or Facebook and if you can’t find exactly what you want, drop her an email she is lovely and totally up for hooking you up with the fabulous custom laser cut jewelry of your dreams! :)

 The Royal Albert Hall:

IS AMAZING!! I know y’all told me that it would be but cor blimey what a spectacular venue! Cheesy as it sounds, I just felt so chuffed that folk music, live, on the telly folk music, was being broadcast from a place so magnificent…although someone did see fit to rough it up for us folkies by erecting remnants of a freshly turpentined shed on stage :P


Albert Hall Baby!

Albert Hall Baby!


I am not a fan of schmoozey industry events where people feel they have to be seen talking to the right people and if you don’t give out at least 10 business cards then it’s a year’s bad luck for your career, So I am pleased to report it wasn’t like that at all, it was sooo lovely to catch up with so many friends and familiar faces, meet new and lovely people and just touch base.

Being a musician can be a lonely life sometimes, in that you know tonnes of great people that you meet out on the road, but you almost definitely don’t live anywhere near them, and even if you do, you are always working when they aren’t and vice versa so opportunities to socialise with your fellow folkies can be few and far between…I was glad of this opportunity to just chill out and enjoy the show with a load of like-minded people.

I WALKED PAST JARVIS COCKER…I smiled at him…then chickened out of talking to him, cos yes, even though I’ve just banged on about it being a room full of friends, Jarvis is just…well…I chickened out hehe :p

Buy this album…I don’t care that it came out 19 years ago and you already own it…buy it again!


Such damn good record!

Such a damn good record!

I’m not sponsored by Jarvis either, but I just like doing shout outs for talented folk ;)

We watched, we sang, you can watch the highlights here…

The after party:

Well after running round The Albert Hall like a mad lady trying to catch up with family and friends (whilst the door staff were desperately trying to usher us out hehe) we headed up to the after shindig. Going up the stairs I bumped into Anais Mitchell, I have never met her before but I love her music and thought I’d dare to tell her so

‘Hi Anais, we’ve never met before, my name is Lucy and I just wanted to say that I love your music and your performance with Jefferson tonight was beautiful, I can see you are leaving so have a safe journey and thanks again, your music has been a real influence on me’

I purposely left out my last name so she would know I was genuinely a fan rather than just trying to make sure I was seen talking to her or promoting myself.

She, like the sweetheart I dreamed she would be, said ‘thanks Lucy, that’s really lovely…sorry what’s your last name?’


And then she told me that she really liked my records too and that it was really nice to meet me AARRRRGGGHHH is all I have to say :D

We were up in the gallery, higher than the gods, not for the faint hearted I can tell you but the view was quite spectacular! It was absolutely rammed, stars littered about everywhere so I just floated about chatting with old friends whilst keeping Jarvis and Peggy Seeger in the corner of my eye hehe. But almost as soon as it had begun, twas the time to go (think I’d spent longer than I thought running round like a nutter downstairs) and though folks were going on to a hotel for further celebrations me and rob decided to call it a night…not before nearly stealing Steve Knightley’s taxi :s hehe it was no problem, although the taxi driver seemed very disappointed that we had got in instead of Steve as he pronounced ‘was that the bloke from show of hands?!’

A comisseratory (defo a made up word) chunk of brie was had and a brew with my family whilst catching up on the nights events before twas off to bed.

The next day was a chilled jaunt round the V&A after a giant omelette breakfast…good times :)


Stop looking up my nose!

Stop looking up my nose!


Spot the odd one out

Spot the odd one out


So that’s it for now folks, I am very much looking forward to seeing you at a gig very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for some brand spanking new #LucyWardBand videos coming your way soon!!

Luce xx