BBC 4, it’s all Billy Bragg’s fault!

Posted on: October 30th, 2013

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Lucy Ward For The Dead Men

Ey Up!

Hope this finds you well, I am sitting here utterly ecstatic as I type to you today, so much so that I have a grin stretched from ear to ear and I am singing songs of jubilation! Even though there is no-one  else here to hear them! :D

The reason for my excitement: The film I wrote the soundtrack for Folie a deux: Madness made of two  which was directed by the award winning Kim Hopkins has been confirmed for transmission on the BBC!

You can watch Folie a deux on November 11th at 10pm on BBC4…for more details on that transmission and a synopsis of the film head HERE

I am over the moon, it was a tremendous project to be a part of, but now that the film is beginning to get some traction and is gaining the attention is so richly deserves for being an intimate, humourous and thought provoking masterpiece (just my unbiased opinion :p it’s just such a great story!) I see more than ever the power of serendipity!

I released ‘For The Dead Men’ as a single in 2012, as a response to all of the protests we were seeing erupting across the world including our own unrest here in the UK. I didn’t wait to put it on an album because I truly believed the moment would pass if I didn’t release it there and then (it has since ended up on my new record Single Flame). Anyway, long story short, the song got some radio play, and Billy Bragg happened to hear it whilst listening to BBC6music. He shared my song online, which still astounds me, and one of his followers, who worked with him on the cult documentary ‘Man In The Sand’, was Kim Hopkins.



Kim immediately identified with the track and felt it would work with current film endeavour (Folie a deux)…she emailed me…i excitedly emailed back and after getting to know one another I ended up recording the entire sound track!

Anyways, I am really proud to have been a part of this, and even prouder that For The Dead Men is what got me the job! I hope you enjoy the film, it would be great if you’d give it a watch :D

Take care

Luce xx